Damian Brunold

G. H. Hardy and E. M. Wright: An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers, Fifth Edition



  1. The series of primes (1)
  2. The series of primes (2)
  3. Farey series and a theorem of minkowski
  4. Irrational numbers
  5. Congruences and residues
  6. Fermat's theorem and its consequences
  7. General properties of congruences
  8. Congruences to composite moduli
  9. The representation of numbers by decimals
  10. Continued fractions
  11. Approximation of irrationals by rationals
  12. The fundamental theorem of arithmetic in k(1), k(i) and k(rho)
  13. Some diophantine equations
  14. Quadratic fields (1)
  15. Quadratic fields (2)
  16. The arithmetical functions phi(n), mu(n), d(n), sigma(n), r(n)
  17. Generating functions of arithmetical functions
  18. The order of magnitude of arithmetical functions
  19. Partitions
  20. The representation of a number by two or four squares
  21. Representation by cubes and higher powers
  22. The series of primes (3)
  23. Kronecker's theorem
  24. Geometry of numbers